Cookies Wire Cut Machine

Our disentangled and completely tweaked model of Cookies Wire Cut Machine empowers you to create more assortments of treats effortlessly. Touch screen will make the machine easy to understand for the administrator to deliver treats of different assortments. Customizable speed and time for storing rollers. Overwhelming obligation engines Apparatus Box and hardware circuit intended to endure differing power supply conditions. The High Speed Wire Cut is worked to suit all conditions and can run 24 hrs x 365 days consistently. This machine is intended for assembling of wire-cut scones and treats at higher limits. It can process mixture with considerations and is appropriate for items.

Key Features:
  • Swaying wire/cut cutting framework working at amazingly high recurrence for clean cuts
  • Effectively available cutting edge for speedy trade of wire
  • Diverse variants of expelling sets out conceivable toward a wide assortment of items
  • Operation through touch screen with full formula control